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Her Name is Muhammad: 1- Diagnostic Psychiatry -

The idea about psychiatric illness needs some changes, the classic way of looking for example at Depression as there is depression and we need to treat it should be changed to the fact that depression is a “lack of happiness” and to treat it, it simply needs implementing happiness!

Treatment-resistant depression research in multiple ways ignore the diagnoses dilemmas and jump to the management, pharmacological choices, and interventions.

Another example: Anxiety, we should not treat anxiety signals we should manage what exists in anxiety “the lack of security”, and the accurate treatment needs having security, having peace with past, present, and future.

Lack of security in most cases happens gradually and slowly: Typically, in childhood years, or it directly affects the child we still carry in our brain and again lead to vague goals.

Treating anxiety disorder is much more logical and appropriate when we focus on the reason that person lacks security in one or another area in life and trying hard to get the peace back.


They laughed a lot when I brought up the idea of Diagnostic Psychiatry, I thought that my training in dermatology, internal medicine, psychiatry, ad CL psychiatry can give my speech some authority.

I was optimistic that my twenty-four years working hard in the medical field can change something and will lead them to support this “strange uncovered strong feminist who carries the last name of Muhammad”.

After laughing, one of them said:

-Explain more about it, what do you mean?

-Medicine is the art of making excellent differential diagnoses. The art of making an excellent differential diagnosis in medicine resembles the Kintsugi art*. The vision of diagnostic medicine can be utilized in psychiatry as “Diagnostic Psychiatry”.

It was some of what I said, but apparently, it was not enough, with my thick accent how dare me to be creative?

In the time of occult racism, while politics ironically rule the medical system, what way are you going to choose Dr. Muhammad?


Your voice is a beautiful sadness, followed me, exhausted me, until I decided to be happy!

When that American publishing house told me that the new book with them had achieved fantastic sales, the sadness in my heart turned into butter, the same sadness had fluctuated a lot between the ventricles of my heart ventricles and atriums.

I have been writing for more than twenty years!

In Arab land, and this blue virtual world, they are trying in various ways to prevent the spread of publications that promote equality, love, and peace, while they support religious extremism in many --direct and indirect ways!

What happens in the blue virtual world is similar to what the embassies of Western countries do, while they open the doors of their countries to the puritanical and black flag bearers while closing them in ignorance and stupidity in the face of young liberal minds.

The publisher told me on a summer morning, a fugitive day from the sun’s lab:

-Doctor: What do you think to complete what you wrote in the previous book? Tell us about the journey of a liberal Arab psychiatrist from a Muslim background in the United States…...

I replied:

-If you mean nationality, I am first American, and by choice not by accident...

-It makes your speech more impactful.

-We will take care of all the expenses, and we will pay you a monthly salary from now so that you can devote yourself to writing.

-I cannot leave my job, not because of the money, but because I love it.

-This is up to you, but given the current situation in the political, social, and economic arena, the sooner we are, the better the impact of the book ...

I ended the call without promises ... So, I do not hate myself for conditional writing, I know that "soliciting revelation" means any line will fail...

Something in me says that my experience here deserves to be written ... not because it is a great one, but simply because it is full of failures ... the failures that generate small successes and is not closer to the soul than the small successes.

The smell of bread filled the house ... With the spread of the Coronavirus, I started to make bread at home ...

One of the most beautiful mornings in the world is a lively morning with the smell of coffee and reassured by the smell of bread.

I looked at the bread, soft and inflated like a balloon of happiness -or-a cloud distributes white gifts to the needy.

If the bread here was literally flying clouds over children who slept hungrily.

If the reality was fair just like life, perhaps this loaf of bread would have a great deal!

But “if” is for abstaining as it abstained. Anyway: all I have to do now is to write, may the bread fly ...

To be continued…

*Kintsugi*: Kintsugi is a Japanese method for repairing broken ceramics with a special lacquer mixed with gold, this can make a broken ceramic piece more precious, valuable, and strong after repairing.

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